My name is Stephen C. Langhjelm. I'm a certified personal trainer, health and wellness advocate, and fitness enthusiast. I aspire to inspire those around me to reach their goals in life, whether it's fitness or otherwise. I'm a natural athlete, motivator, and communicator who carries a creative and passionate drive for life. Those who know me would describe me as inspirational, highly self-motivated, and youthful. When you're around me it won't be long before you feel inspired to pursue the things you love and enjoy life. 


I was born in North Vancouver, which is where I reside today. I developed a passion for running at the early age of 8 1/2 months (true story) and I've been hard to chase ever since. My first athletic passion was ice hockey and I began playing competitively at the age of 10 and continued through high school. Excelling in other sports I started on my high school's basketball team and competed in track and field (400m & 800m). After high school I was drawn to the world of endurance sports and began training for triathlons. Today I still possess the same athletic passions and enjoy the occasional running race, several Grouse Grinds a year, mixing it up in the gym, and outdoor workouts.

I also have over 10 years of experience working front-line in the health care field with various clients across the entire age spectrum. I worked as a resident care attendant working with the elderly in various care homes, supported individuals with a variety of disabilities and disorders in community settings, and presently work with at-risk youth in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Please view my Linkedin profile for more details regarding my work history.

The initial path I chose has opened up my eyes to the world of those battling mental health, emotional health, drug/alcohol addiction, acquired brain injuries, physical limitations, and other various issues. The combination of my work history, natural ability to interact and connect with others, and my passion for health & fitness sets me apart as a personal trainer. It has shaped me to become confident with any situation or challenge that I face. In turn, the calm, cool, and collected approach I possess, is passed on to those I work with.


Besides athletics I enjoy time spent with friends, family, writing, reading, randomly creating a song on the guitar, and the odd game of chess.


Thank you for taking the time to read the above. I'm looking forward to working with you! In the meantime . . .



Stephen C. Langhjelm

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

stephen@sclfitness.ca | 778 378 8684

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