In the last blog post, Fitness Philosophy 101 - Three Truths, we went through some of the hard truths that go hand-in-hand with exercise. It wasn't easy to hear but very necessary to say. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's time to focus on the good stuff.

Everyone knows that exercising is good for you despite the difficult path it takes you upon. On other side of the fitness truths, detailed in the previous blog post, there's far more light that comes from consistent and routine exercise than darkness.

The benefits of working out far outweigh the hardship required to sustain your health.

It's no coincidence that "Exercise More" or "Lose Weight" top the list of New Year's resolutions made each year. This is because it's common knowledge that exercise leads to many benefits for the body, mind, and even the soul.

You boost your confidence, you gain strength, you increase your endurance, your sharpen your mindset, you move more efficiently, you stand taller, you walk easier, you look better, you speak with more authority, you seek out more challenges in life, peace becomes more prevalent, you slow down the aging process, you inspire those around you, and the list keeps going.

I could go on and on about the seemingly endless benefits of exercise but let's keep things short and sweet for now and focus on a few . . .

Here's 3 BENEFITS OF EXERCISE that you will experience if you keep showing up and working out:


Many of you have experience with exercise already, so you know what I'm talking about. But for those of you who don't and haven't gone through the motions, I'll just go ahead and warn you: working out makes you feel AMAZING.

Consistently exercising will bolster your physicality, enhance your mood, and energize your life. All of which lead to more confidence. Not to mention the free post-exercise endorphins that flood your veins after each workout leaving you calm, cool, and collected.

Thus, if you need a confidence boost . . . go workout.


What happens if you start showing up to the gym more often for an extended period of time, ideally indefinitely? You get stronger, you're able to workout longer at higher levels, which increases your energy outside of the gym.

You knew that though. Even if you've never workout before, YOU KNOW what would happen if you exercised more and cleaned up your diet. You know that you'd become stronger, be able to endure more, and adopt more ENERGY!

Thus, if you want gain strength and live an energized life . . . go workout.


This is my favorite benefit of exercise and the following is said with past, present, and future in mind. It's my favorite because it's cyclical. It's THEE most valuable byproduct of working out and simultaneously the greatest motivator to exercise in the first place.

The quality of life you've had, have, and will have with your family and friends, and the enjoyment you feel when your with them is directly related to how healthy you've been, are, and will be. With that said, how healthy you are LARGELY depends on exercise.

Thus, if you want to improve the quality of life with your family and friends . . . go workout.


The beneficial byproducts of working out are many. But narrowing it down to a few that everyone will experience is enough to get the main message across: consistent exercise is not only good for you, but more importantly, those around you.

By exercising your confidence is boosted. If you workout over an extended period of time, ideally indefinitely, you'll increase your strength and energy. Most importantly, exercise makes you healthier, improving the quality of life for those you love most.

These are just a few amazing benefits one receives by exercising and honing their time in the gym. They're all great but if there was only one benefit that I was allowed to share, I'd focus on the latter. Exercise is all for nothing if your family, friends, and loved ones don't benefit as well.

Yes, get in shape and be proud of what you did. But don't let that be the sole reason you exercise. If all you do it for is yourself, you're already missing the point and true reward.

The greatest reason to get in shape and stay in shape is to do it for those you love. When you do this, you'll enjoy life with them at the highest level.

My goal is to help as many people as possible realize the importance of exercise. Not just for themselves, but for the benefit others. I hope this did just that.

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!


Stephen C. Langhjelm