Integrity can be defined as what you do or don't do when nobody is watching. Likewise, Fitness Integrity can be defined as the action or inaction you take towards achieving your fitness goals when nobody is there to hold you accountable.

Behind the closed doors of a champion in any given sport of pursuit in life is an individual that has spent and continues to spend hours upon hours putting in work and sweat equity towards their goals. It's no wonder that this quote is so famous:

"True champions sweat when nobody is watching"

Now, you don't need to be a champion in a specific sport or pursuit in life to reach your fitness goals or the like. But you do need to act like one. You need to become the champion of your own life, your own body, your own mind. To reach and sustain your desired fitness goals you need to adopt the mindset of a champion.

Here's 3 tips that will help you do just that!:


Focusing on how others look and perform and comparing this to your own results is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, we live in a world that bombards us from every angle on how we're "supposed" to look and feel. It's a bunch of nonsense. The more you focus and aim your goals to look like someone else or be more like someone else the more distracted you'll be in the process of reaching your own goals in the first place. Cut off these distractions and focus on competing against yourself, where you're at, and where you desire to be. This, in my opinion, is the first step you need to take to clear your mind and zero in on the task at hand, YOUR fitness goals.


External motivation is a good thing, but only for a while. Ultimately, it's nonsense too. You'll only get so far with outside sources pushing you to where you want to be because a time will always come when nobody will be there, including your personal trainer;) And when this time arrives, when nobody is around to help you, that's when you'll truly know who you are and what you're made of. The more these moments come around when it's up to you and only you to push yourself to workout, the better you'll become at mustering up the motivation from within to make it happen! Becoming your own motivation improves your chances of sustaining your fitness levels instead of always reaching them and falling behind yet again.


Much like external motivation being BS, so is external accountability. While accountability is great for getting started and staying on track, your workout partners, life coaches, personal trainers, online mentors, and inspirational friends and family won't always be there to check in on you to see how your progress is coming along. You need to develop the skill of checking in on yourself. Perhaps this means keeping a fitness journal and reviewing it every day, week, month, and so on. Learn to hold yourself accountable because nobody is going to push you all the time!


Basically, I"m saying that it's time to suck it up. It's time to develop some grit. It's time to fight back on your own accord. All three of these principles are vital to master if you want to truly succeed. You desperately need to stop comparing yourself to others and start becoming your own competition. You absolutely need to develop self-motivation and stop depending on outside sources to carry you through. And most certainly you need to become your own accountability because when all else fails, that's all you'll have left and if you don't have the ability to hold yourself accountable, your goals and results will always slip away.

I know first hand that it's possible to develop such a mindset, the mindset of a champion. It's very real and attainable to become your own accountability and motivation that propels you to cease comparison with others and begin competing against yourself, as a champion in your own right. But there's a couple things you need to consider that ties all three of these principles together. You need to know why you're chasing your fitness goals and when you figure that out you need put forth your max effort into achieving them.

Knowing why you're working out to such a degree and backing it up with your max effort within every workout will ensure and cement yourself as the champion of your own life. It's possible. But you have to believe it and continue pressing on despite how hard it gets. And if you dare to press on long enough, what was once hard becomes easy and that's when you know you've become a true champion and reached a level of true Fitness Integrity!

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy LIfe!


Stephen C. Langhjelm

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Health & Wellness Advocate

Fitness Enthusiast

Downtown Vancouver & North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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