Want to lose weight, tone your body, get in shape, and stay that way? You don't need a complex training routine or detailed diet to begin taking steps towards reaching your goals. When people realize that I'm a personal trainer they often ask what's the best way to get in shape and I often tell them, just start moving. Start walking everyday, ride your bike more often, get up, get out, and break your routine.

Here's three things you can do, starting today, to get in better shape:


Walk everyday for 30 minutes. Go 15 minutes out then turn around and head back. Switch your route occasionally to mix it up. Once walking becomes too easy, challenge yourself by going for brisk walks or start implementing jogging/running gradually as your cardiovascular system improves.


Start eating more greens everyday and increase your water intake. You don't need to drastically change your diet as this often starts well but isn't sustainable because it's too far outside your comfort zone. Try building up your resistance against unhealthy foods gradually if the usual diets never seem to work for you; great things take time.


There's power in writing things down. If you never write down your goals, chances are you've never accomplished them if they're just sitting in your mind. Write down some fitness goals that you have and journal your day to day thoughts as you move forward. Even if you have an off day, that's okay, mark it down; when you look back at your journal after a month of doing this you'll see growth regardless of set backs.


What I'm trying to emphasize is that you don't need to have everything perfectly aligned before you start getting in shape, this can be too overwhelming for many, you just need to begin. Start small and build from there. Develop discipline in the small things and over time you'll be able to handle more and more physically, mentally, emotional, and even spiritually.

The best athletes in the world, the fittest people earth, and the healthiest individuals of present and past all had a starting point. They weren't as talented, fit, and as healthy as they are now when they first began, and this is no different for your own journey. Knowing this, be encouraged and know that no matter what your starting point is, if you become disciplined and remain consistent in your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle, you'll become the version of yourself that you KNOW you're capable of becoming.

You're not reading this by accident. So, respond by taking action. If you're inspired to make a change in your life after reading this or slightly nudged towards leading a healthier lifestyle, feel free to comment below and share your new beginning. Start small, just move!

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!