Sometimes I begin writing a post on Facebook and I never end up sharing it and every so often I do. It may seem odd to write "what's on my mind" and wind up not sharing. The reason I do this is to write subjectively, knowing that there's an audience just one click away. Usually I don't hit the "post" button but today I did.

Below, highlighted in blue, is the post I shared on my personal page. It's about honing your craft to the best of your ability but one thing I forgot to highlight is what it means to be your best. There's a misconception about performing at your best on any given day. Many believe that if you don't reach your personal best time in a run, lift the most you've lifted, or did the most reps you've done previously that you are less than your best that day. This is false.

To be your best is to do the best you can when the stars don't line up perfectly. So long as you give all you have and impose all your will, might, and effort into the task before you . . . you've given your best. Your results will vary from day to day, you don't have complete control over them. But you do have control over your effort.

"In your given field of expertise or pursuit of passion (maybe both are one in the same), you haven't honed your craft enough until the day arrives where you consistently out perform your competition and those attempting to do what you do even when you're at your worst. That's when you know you're at the top or well near it, when you're feeling sick, far less than 100 percent, and you still win. I've been at this level in some areas of my life, mainly anything relating to physicality, the goal is to pursue whatever facet in life that you're involved in to the highest level and then sustain it. Once you've sustained it, be a helping hand up to those striving to be where you're at or those striving to simply improve. The pursuit never ends. I feel that I will never quite reach my potential as there is always something to work on in life but my daily, hourly, and even minute goals are to brush myself off when I fail, stand up, and press forward no matter how painful or uncomfortable it may be. To me, perfection is repeatedly moving forward with your head held high and your mind focused on hope despite the set backs. Basically, what I'm meaning to say is that there's no end to honing your God given abilities until the day you pass away and our Eulogy has been read by a loved one and your Epitaph has been inlaid permanently until this world passes away."

Be your best in every given moment, that's what I was rambling about above. This means that results will vary and performance won't be the same from workout to workout. Change the perspective and approach when it comes to what your "best" should be. Don't compare your results to the results of others and don't sweat it when your results today don't match up to your results last week, a month ago, or even last year. Focus on being your best in the present moment right now; zero in on your best effort. To be your best is to give your best effort . . .

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