Whatever you do, do it with all your heart or not at all. I strongly believe in this. To give all you have at anything in life is the only way you'll reach your goals and sustain them long-term. It's simple really, the more effort you put into something the harder it becomes to give up on your pursuit, the harder it becomes to surrender. This applies to any endeavor, not just fitness.

Losing weight, adding muscle mass, improving cardiovascular health, recovering from an injury, or sustaining your improved health is a very difficult task. It takes courage, strength of mind, adaptability, accountability, consistency, and other attributes to reach your health and fitness goals. This is especially true if you're extrinsically motivated towards exercise to begin with.

Often just getting to the gym is half the battle, we've all experienced this. Then you walk into the gym doors, you warm up (hopefully), and you're off and running . . . or lifting . . . or mixing things up. But how much effort are you putting into your workouts? Are you leaving it all on the gym floor and giving your all during every single rep, set, rest period, stride, revolution, movement, while staying focused in mind and thought?

If you're not giving all you have during your workouts this creates a higher chance of not reaching your goals. This is also know as common sense. By not giving 100 percent of your effort you instantly create instability of routine and increase the chances of giving up when life hits you hard, when the workout gets tough.

Before you know it you start justifying a skip day here and there, which can lead to weeks, months, and often years away from exercise. In turn, this leads to defeating thoughts, depression, low self-esteem, and massive set backs. I get it, life is hard. It's extremely difficult to drag yourself to the gym some days after life hits you by surprise. But you need to fight back because no one else can do it for you but you.

So, next time you step foot in the gym, go out for your run, or engage in any form of exercise, be present, and give everything you have. I'm not saying go crazy and completely exhaust yourself to the point of risking injury. Rather, step into your workout clear of distractions as to be completely focused on what you're doing and why your doing it. This will enable you to be present, which gives way to maximum effort.

"The harder you work the harder it is to surrender".



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