When you see people seemingly become famous within their given sport or any craft for that matter, it can feel surreal. From the side-line perspective it seems like they came out of nowhere, like they never existed until the moment you saw them in the lime-light. The truth is they never stumbled upon greatness, they worked tirelessly for it.

People are rewarded in public for what they spent a lifetime pursuing behind the scenes. Years upon years of practice day in and day out is the real story behind their success. You don't need to be THEE champion at what you do like these individuals. However, you do need to adopt a champion's mindset to become the best version of yourself, to reach your fitness goals.

You'll only reach your potential and sustain it when you're willing to put in the work when nobody is watching. How much unseen sweat-equity have you earned? How hard do you workout when there's nobody there to validate you or give you compliments? That's just a couple questions you need to continue asking yourself from time to time.

I challenge you to put in effort and sweat-equity that nobody is going to see. I challenge you to become your own version of a champion. Do this enough and you'll become that person that seemingly becomes fit out of thin air as people begin to notice your transformation!

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!

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