If your reason for getting in shape isn't beyond vanity and yourself your efforts will most likely be short-lived. To achieve and maintain success in your overall fitness, health, and wellness you need to have a reason that's big enough to outlast your excuse to skip your workouts. When your reasoning shifts from self to something greater, your overall health will see lasting results.

When I speak of reasons beyond yourself I mean just that, beyond yourself . . . others. Family, friends, and loved ones. Over time I've realized that the single greatest motivator for staying in shape is when you shift your reasoning from yourself to those you love. Being able to enjoy life with those dearest to you should be your prime reason for staying fit and healthy, it's far more powerful than self-motivation.

Choosing to get in shape and doing it for just you is a good thing, a good starting point. However, momentum eventually slows down with limited reasoning. You need to find something big enough to keep you motivated long-term. Get in shape for yourself but take things even further and do it for the sake of those you love as well. Enjoy your workouts so you can enjoy life with those closest to you.

So what's your reason for being in shape? Why do you want to stay healthy? Who are you doing it for?

Next time you step foot in the gym, attend a fitness class, or head outdoors for some exercise . . . know who you're doing it for!

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!


Stephen C. Langhjelm