The picture quote says it all, you can't out train a bad diet. True results come from breaking the body down only to build it back up again. After you workout the body is in a catabolic state, it's weak. To bring the body back to homeostasis it needs to be in an anabolic state, a state of repair.

Recovery involves rest and nutrition but without proper nutrition it doesn't matter how much rest you get, your body will suffer. You need quality nutrition to replenish what was lost during exercise. Today, finding quality food it's easier than ever but it certainly isn't cheap.

Nonetheless, I'm sure most of us could take an honest look at our spending habits and find room to allocate funds towards healthier eats! After all, this is your body and life we're talking about; you are what you eat and what you eat today largely determines your level of health later on in life; it's worth paying a few extra dollars for high quality nutrition. With that in mind I'd like to share what works for me.

I'm a big fan of Vega Products and products alike. They provide plant-based nutrition in various forms from meal replacements to performance protein. I make it a point to have some Vega daily, when I run out and forget to restock I notice a big difference in my overall functionality. I'm sluggish without it, less alert, and not quite myself. Here's what I typically have each day:

Morning: Vega One (Vanilla Chai)

Evening: Vega Sports Performance (Vanilla)

Post Workout: Vega Sports Performance (Vanilla)

Snacks: Vega Sport Protein Bar (Chocolate Coconut)

That's my daily Vega routine but they have much more to offer and several different flavors to choose from. It's all plant based, non-GMO, and sugar free (processed sugar). It definitely works for me and I struggle to keep my busy routine without a lil Vega in the mix. Click on the image below, which will lead you to their online store. Browse around and perhaps try one of their products for yourself!

Vega may not be for you but a healthy diet is. No matter what your product preference may be, make sure that you're feeding yourself quality food. There's no sense in working out if you're going to replenish your energy stores with harmful food throughout the day. This will do you more damage than good despite an "A" for effort in the gym. So, take a closer look at your budget and see if you can create some extra room for healthier options. If you're not able to there's always ways to implement quality food into your diet at a lower cost.

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!

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