I know, life is busy, chaotic at times . . . crazy. It's easy to get overwhelmed with your schedule to the point where you prioritize everything above your workout time. I'm here to agree and disagree with you; life can be too much to handle but it's not worth losing your health over.

It's a myth that you're too busy to workout. No matter how full your daily or weekly schedule is, there's time to get it in. Being too busy is an excuse. It really comes down to a matter of priority, discipline, and knowing how to free up time.

There's many ways to save time in your day and weekly routine to make more room for fitness such as meal prep, efficient errands, circuit training, interval training, etc. As for right now lets focus on a few simple things. Here's 3 keys to help you find time to workout when you're "too busy":


Rising 30+ minutes earlier daily so you can fit in a short walk/run around the block then return home for a quick living room circuit isn't much to ask. It's just a matter of getting up to a new alarm mixed with the help of going to bed before normal. The long-term benefits of doing this far outweigh the long-term health risks of neglecting this.

At first your body will screaming "NO!" but overtime you'll be invigorated and starting your days with more energy.


Simple math is the key. Add up all the minutes and hours for the time you spend doing things that you don't REALLY need to do such as Netflix, browsing social media on your phone, and whatever else you can think of that is more of a want than need. I'm sure you'll quickly see that you have plenty of time to workout at some point of the day if you cut out these time-wasting habits.

Stop spending time wasting time and spend more time working out, your health is priority.


Say you get a break(s) at work, always drive wherever you go, always take the elevator, and always take the less active way. Whatever your day looks like within whatever environment you're in you can create space that leads to a more lively approach. Take an active break, walk or bike to your destinations more often, take the stairs instead, and start making room for your health.

There's plenty of space in your day that can be created to promote a more active and healthy lifestyle. Just remember that "CREATE" is a verb, take action.


If your health is important to you then finding ways to make time for exercise should be high on your priority list. If it's high on your priority list then you NEED to acquire the discipline to keep it in high esteem. If it's kept in high esteem then you'll find a way to make time for maintaining your health through fitness and active choices. Otherwise, saying you're "too busy" is just an excuse,

Being too busy is truly a myth when making time for what matters is easy to do. Whether it's getting up earlier, spending more time on health than fruitless pastimes, or finding opportunities throughout your day to be more active, find a way to make your priorities happen.

Today you may "too busy" but tomorrow you'll be busy trying to recover from illness, body imbalances, and other physiological complications that are all avoidable. Don't wait until it's too late to improve your health, get fit now, stay fit forever, and enjoy your life!

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