A common reason for exercising is to lose weight and because of this, weighing yourself on the scale goes hand-in-hand. This typically leads to weighing yourself too often. Stepping on the scale everyday (sometimes multiple times daily) is counterproductive.

Checking in daily stems from a desire to reach your goal but it's unnecessary and potentially destructive. Progress doesn't happen overnight, which means you don't need to constantly check your weight. Once a week is all you really need, unless you're a professional athlete on a mission.

Here's 3 reasons why you need to stop weighing yourself on the regular:


If your goal is to drop some pounds then exercise is a given. What most don't know is that water is retained after a workout due to micro trauma that takes place within the cells of muscles and other tissues. This breakdown of the body causes fluid retention as a means of protection from further tissue damage and repairing the body back to a level of homeostasis.

Due to the fluid retention after your workouts you'll have extra weight to carry around but it's not bad weight. Water retention is known to alter your body weight by 10 pounds (or more) and it takes time to dissipate. So, stop weighing yourself right after you work out. Instead, weigh-in before your workout if you must, it's more realistic.


The scale is not an indicator of your overall conditioning or body composition (body-fat-percentage). Maybe you've dropped some pounds but that doesn't mean your cardio or muscular endurance is any better than before. Losing weight is a great goal but being in shape and staying in shape should be a goal of higher priority.

If you're just starting out or getting back into the mix, exercise most likely won't be enjoyable because your reasoning is primarily reward based. Overall conditioning and functionality are far more important than what your bathroom scale tells you every day. It's not all about shedding pounds.


The scale is a tool of accuracy but it's vainly accurate; it's a mode of extrinsic motivation that can easily lead you astray from what matters most. The scale reinforces vanity and unrealistically pushes you to hit the gym for all the wrong reasons. How you look and feel should not be determined by a number on a digital or old school machine.

Shift your focus from the scale to more intrinsic aspects of working out. Focus on the true benefits of exercise such as increased energy, improved sleep, enhanced mood, sharper focus, higher self-esteem, and a better quality of life with family and friends. This transfer of vision from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation will move you away from measuring your body more than you need to. Weigh your reasoning more than your weight.


It's unrealistic and self-defeating to weigh yourself incessantly. Doing so will only lead you on a path of disappointment mixed with false numbers, which ultimately weighs you down mentally and emotionally. You may weigh yourself and be several pounds less on the scale. At first you'll be ecstatic and beaming only to be brought to your knees tomorrow when that number shoots up and above your recorded weight last week!

Listen, losing weight is a good thing and healthy given the circumstances but you HAVE to be in this for something more than just looks and subsequent feelings. You're joy and life needs to stem from within a healthy body. Your worth as a unique individual weighs far more than your weight on the scale, that's your true weight, and that should be your true motivation.

You're PHATTER than you think! #phatwithaPH




  1. (slang) Excellent

  2. (slang) Sexy

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