SCL Fitness

Maybe fitness isn’t your gift but maybe it is. Whether it is or not your fitness level directly affects how well you’ll perform at your given gift(s). Let’s just say that taking good care of your body sets the stage for everything else to be taken care of. Here’s 3 simple tips on how to maximize your gifts with fitness:


Get up, get out, and get your blood pumping every day. Aim to do something active shortly after you wake up as this sets the tone for the rest of the day. Beyond this, keep moving as the day goes by; when you feel your energy levels dropping go for a quick walk, take a 5 minute break from the office and do a flight of stairs, or simply just stand up and stretch. The body and mind are connected and when the body is stagnant, the mind is less productive and your gifts lose power. Fuel your gifts by keeping your body moving!


It’s easy to get excited about something you have passion for or a project that you can’t wait to start working on but wait, not so fast! Keep in mind that your body only has so much energy to use throughout the day. Yes, it’s important to keep your body moving every day but it’s just as important to pace yourself to avoid hitting a wall when your gifts need you the most. When you workout make sure that you’re not over-training, exercise just outside your comfort zone and your passions will thank you for it :)


Hit the gym, go for a walk/run, or do whatever you do to get your body moving but do it routinely. For your gifts to function at their highest levels your body needs to be highly functional as often as possible. This can only take place when you pursue an active lifestyle 24/7/365. Consistency is King and Queen in every aspect of life and always has been. Stay on it!


Basically, if you want your natural gifts, passions, and abilities to flourish you have to keep your body moving, pace yourself when you move, and do this all the time. Either you give your gifts your all or you give them away, Steve Prefontaine said it best:

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!


Stephen C. Langhjelm