The SCL Fitness motto is “Get Fit, Stay Fit, & Enjoy Life”. I strive practice this saying for the purpose of inspiring others to do the same on a daily basis. It means living an active and healthy life beyond yourself so you can enjoy doing what you love for the sake of family and friends, those you love.

When I think of those I love it inspires me to become a better person overall and make the required adjustments. We all have different things we know we need to improve but it’s much easier said than done. So much so that many of us get caught up in the hype of New Year’s resolutions and see this as the perfect opportunity, and for some the only opportunity, to make lasting changes in our lives.

Lose weight, stay fit, make healthier choices, quit smoking, get organized, spend less, save more, learn a new language, spend more time with family, improve your relationships. Those are some of the typical New Year’s resolutions many of us make at the beginning of the year. This tradition is a spin-off of ancient Rome. Back then gifts of good conduct were offered to the god Janus who’s named after the month of January. Today, minus the god Janus, we're still at it making promises of self improvement that most of us can't keep.

Studies have shown that approximately 40 percent of us make a resolution to start off a New Year, 20 percent do so from time to time, and 40 percent never make a New Year’s resolution at all (I fall into this category). 75 percent make it through the first week of the year then following this the odds of continuing go downhill. After 6 months less than 50 percent are still adhering to their resolution. By the end of the year only 8 percent of those who made a New Year’s resolution successfully maintained it.

I fall into the category of NEVER making a New Year’s resolution. Although the idea of starting every year with purpose and specific goals makes sense, I don’t believe dates should dictate resolutions. Wallowing in failure and remaining stagnant towards betterment until the New Year arrives is a harmful superstition. You shouldn't wait for a fresh Monday, a new month, let a lone a New Year to set a higher standard for yourself and keep it. Practice daily resolutions.

There's no perfect time to pick yourself back up after you fail, fall, and make mistakes. Anytime is the perfect time. You DON'T need New Year's Eve to arrive for the real you to stand up. The lives of those you love depend on your DAILY actions and resolutions NOT your yearly ones. So stop waiting for the perfect moment to arrive to be who you're made to be. Resolve to do it NOW.

24/7/365 > January 1st

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!

Happy New Year!


Stephen C. Langhjelm