There's a word that's been on my mind over the last couple of weeks and I feel it resonating withing my soul. I've been made aware of others around me that are going through difficult times. I've been in the middle of knowing the struggles of others more than usual lately and it's been sparking my thoughts and focus. It's been on my heart. One word keeps coming to mind when I think of these individuals and what they're going through - RESILIENCY.

I myself am going through my own struggles, challenges, and obstacles but of late I am less worried about myself and more concerned with others around me. I wish I could help these individuals find peace, happiness, and success by snapping my fingers. Realistically that's not how things work, which is why I'm writing this. Instead of doing nothing I'm doing what I can. I'm writing in hopes of inspiring whoever reads this to stay positive, to not give up, to be resilient.

We all get knocked down in life and sometimes everything seems hopeless. No matter how grand your obstacle is that you face, it can, it will, and it must be overcome. I'm here to implore to you that this is NOT the end of your road. If this is you, if you find yourself in a bind, if you feel like you're stuck in life, if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel lost, if you feel there's not hope or a future, this message is for you: FIGHT BACK!

It's time to develop resiliency, it's time to endure, it's time to surround yourself with inspiring people, it's time to hold on like you've never held on before, it's time to improvise, it's time to adapt, and it's time to overcome. Nothing is impossible. Others before you have been through trials and tribulations of the same magnitude or greater yet found a way. This same power to overcome is within you as well.


Consider the video above. Buster Douglas was the first person to every be knocked down by Mike Tyson and get back up. He's also the first person in history to knock Tyson out. His mother died prior to his fight with Tyson. Instead of choosing to die with his mother he chose to live and fight in her honor. He had a reason within him that was so deeply rooted that he couldn't give up. In the same way, you NEED to think of what your reason is for living, what truly means the world to you, what you love. When you find your reason immerse yourself with it, dwell on it constantly, and use it to push you beyond your circumstance.

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Enjoy Life!